James Corden Parodies 'Lemonade' & It's Amazing

James Corden is easily one of the funniest and most innovative late night show hosts out there. Have you SEEN his Carpool Karaoke videos? It's safe to say that he's provided hours of laughter and entertainment. However, James' latest parody video takes him to another level. Rather than start his show with a typical monologue, James channeled his inner Beyoncé for a Lemonade-inspired parody. 

In a very Beyoncé-esque manner, James recreated some of the most memorable shots from the visual album, from Bey sitting in her bathtub contemplating life, to her destruction of an old TV with a baseball bat. Throughout the visual monologue, appropriately titled "Lemonjames," James tackles current topics—including Trump jokes, new studies, and feeling hangry. "This is in the news, that's in the news, what else is in the news?" James asks viewers. "You guys see this? Do you guys see—me?"

In the monologue, James appears in a variety of different costumes, from the black bra and underwear set to the yellow dress and wavy, blonde wig. And of course he couldn't go through the monologue without dropping his own variation on the famous "Becky with the good hair" lyric. 

"A new ice cream shop opened at a former Massachusetts funeral home," Corden says. "They're calling it, 'Casket Robins.' Did that make you laugh, baby? That's one of my own. Does that make you laugh, like Jimmy with the good hair?" 

Basically, this parody is equal parts amazing and entertaining, and you should probably check it out ASAP.