This is How Much Rory Spent Flying to London in 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life'

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was everything we hoped for and more, but we're just going to point out one thing that's been bugging us since we binge-watched the revival: Rory spent a lot of money traveling back and forth from America to the U.K., and we're not sure how she managed to pay for all those trips. 

In Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, we learn that Rory is a freelance writer. Given what we know about freelance writing, it's safe to say that the jobs don't offer a steady or consistent paycheck. Sure, you might have the opportunity to contribute to reputable publications, but a majority of the time is spent trying to find the next paying gig. In the first episode, Rory basically admitted that she didn't have anything specific lined up. This brings us to the question of how she could afford all the trips to and from London. 

In the four-part series, Rory is seen returning from London, then leaving Stars Hollow the next day. After the time jump, we see Rory in London with Logan. Then, she's back in no time at all.

HelloGiggles seemed to have the same nagging curiousity we did, so they kindly researched flights. They propose that if Rory were flying out of Hartford International Airport, a flight to London's Heathrow Airport would require more than one plane, since there aren't any direct flights. According to what they found on Google Flights, these are the approximate prices for said flight:

In "Spring," Rory is seen traveling via a one-way ticket—which again, isn't very cheap.

By taking the average flight price (like $1,535) and multiplying that seven times (since that's the approximate number of trips we saw Rory take throughout the four episodes), the grand total would be $10,745. Oh, and let's not forget Rory's almost spontaneous trip to London, where she said she'd fly out the next day—which costs nearly $1,000. 

Now that we know an approximate grand total, we're trying to figure out HOW Rory could afford over $10,000 in flight expenses. Did someone help with the cost? Does she have a secret flight fund? We need answers.