How It Feels to Be a Rising Freshman

So you just graduated high school…

And you are SO excited for college!

You and your friends are dreading those final goodbyes,

But whenever anyone mentions college, you’re all like:

And you're totally sick of your parents treating you like a little kid.

So you’re probably fantasizing about being besties with your new roomie…

But maybe a little worried about how terrifying she might be.

Meanwhile, you can look through the course catalog at all these exotic new classes,

And start getting pumped up with a whole new brand of school spirit,

And try to ignore what you’ve heard about cafeteria food.

And when your mom says you can't bring all your shoes with you, you're just like:

But you know you'll miss her when the time comes to say goodbye.

So just concentrate on the new dating pool you’re about to dive into.

And you know the parties will be legendary.

Plus, all the rising high school seniors are starting to look at you and your friends like:

So even though you might get a little nervous about starting life as a quasi-independent adult,

You know college is going to be amazing, and YOU’RE going to be amazing.