Here's Why I Almost Cried 3 Times During This Week's 'Younger' Episode, 'A Titanic Problem'

If you haven’t seen the second episode of Younger, I highly recommend not watching it at 2 a.m. when you’re already emotionally and physically drained from finishing finals and packing up your dorm room. This week's episode, "A Titanic Problem," wasn’t filled with the punchy humor and dramatic hold-your-breath moments we're all used to watching. This one was the type that makes your heart break a little more every minute, from start to finish. And while I felt for Charles every time he acted distant towards Liza since finding out her real age, there were three distinct moments when I had to take a deep breath because I felt that tightness beginning to hit my chest.

Charles' conversation with his lawyer 

Since the moment that Charles discovered Liza's true identity, I just wanted to go on the show and hug him. To find out something shocking about the person you love can be an absolute nightmare, especially if it destroys the trust at the foundation of the relationship. His reaction to the news was totally normal, and his conflicted feelings are normal as well—but that doesn't make them any less tragic, especially when he expressed them aloud to his lawyer at a bar. Charles doesn't really wear his heart on his sleeve, so to see him open up and struggle with a solution to the issue at hand only made me more teary-eyed. I just want them to be okay.

Liza's attempt to comfort Josh

From the beginning of the series and up until now, we've seen Josh go through so many heartbreaking moments, but he's managed to pick himself up and continue on like the strong, resilient man he is. When he finally convinced himself to date again after getting hurt by Liza, many of us were rooting for his happiness (but I'm sure some of us were still shipping Losh/Jiza). He met a seemingly authentic Irish girl named Clare, and the two of them decided to get married after her visa expired. I never liked the idea of the two of them together, and when Clare told Josh she wasn't coming back to him, my stomach dropped. To see Josh so heartbroken and vulnerable, and Liza trying to comfort him, only made me sadder. 

Charles' ultimate breakup with Pauline

The episode that Pauline showed up, I made a prediction that she and Charles would not end up getting back together. From what we've seen of Charles in the show, we know he's a fair boss and a dedicated father. He also has feelings for Liza that will probably never go away, even after discovering her real identity. I can completely understand why Charles wouldn't want to rekindle a relationship that left him a single father to two young girls. However, I didn't really love the moment he chose to break the news to Pauline because it was right after she said it was the best day she's had in a long time. The pained expression on her face as she endured Charles' words made me really empathize with her.

I am crossing all my fingers and toes that next week's episode will be a little more lighthearted, with a little more hilarious Maggie moments. I don't think my heart can take any more scenes of Josh crying.