Have YOU Seen Beyoncé’s New Pixie ‘Do?

Looks like the short hair vs. long hair debate has heated up again, this time with the ever-so-fabulous Beyoncé’s contribution.

The Queen Bey has sent the “Beyhive” buzzing with a series of Instagram photos that show the song diva seductively sporting a new blonde pixie cut. Needless to say, the singer’s missing locks differs drastically from her previous wild “mane” fans all over the world have gotten so used to seeing. While many have given Beyoncé’s pixie cut their undying approval, others have decided that it’s too short for their liking.

So IS Beyoncé’s new cut too much? We’ll leave that for you to decide, but one thing’s for sure: hair or no hair, Queen Bey’s still going to give the fiercest tour imaginable as she travels the world with South America as her next stop.