'The Handmaid's Tale' Won an Emmy for Best Drama, & the Internet Has Mixed Thoughts

Coming away with a total of eight Emmy wins, The Handmaid's Tale snagged the Emmy award for Best Drama Series at Sunday night's ceremony. Hulu's dystopian, female-centric series was based on Margaret Atwood's acclaimed book, and the author even appeared on stage alongside the show's cast and crew after their win was announced. 

You definitely didn't have to be a literature fan to feel moved by Atwood's presence as the series became the first streaming show to win a Best Drama Emmy. Time to take in the historic moment was short, as the show was dangerously close to running overtime (per usual). So, series creator Bruce Miller delivered a very brief acceptance speech, first poking fun at Alexis Bledel's award-winning role on the show when thanking MGM. 

"You guys supported us when we wanted to do horrible things to Rory Gilmore,” he told the studio representatives. Um, my life is now made because Gilmore Girls was referenced at the Emmys. 

"Go home, get to work, we have a lot of things to fight for," Miller continued, summing up what I think is great advice for anyone in any industry nowadays. 

Given the scarily relevant themes of The Handmaid's Tale and an earlier win for the female-dominated Big Little Liesmost viewers are thrilled that content starring women was so well-received at the ceremony. 

However, other Twitter users couldn't help but point out that only Miller, a white man, spoke for the show in its definitive moment. 

To be fair, Miller still thanked Atwood, Best Actress in a Drama winner Elisabeth Moss and director Reed Morano for their contributions to the series. While it would've been cool to see Atwood speak, it seems that it was only a matter of time that prevented Miller from letting one of the women speak. 

Congratulations to The Handmaid's Tale for proving that there is success in women's stories!