Gwen Stefani Dancing to Her Song 'Hollaback Girl' At This Wedding Reception Is Absolutely Bananas & Kinda Hilarious

Imagine being at a wedding reception and *your* song starts blasting through the speakers. That's exactly what happened to Gwen Stefani at a wedding she attended with beau Blake Shelton on Saturday night. The 48-year-old singer captured the whole night on her Instagram via Instagram stories, where she is seen in a selfie with Shelton, capturing the bride and groom's entrance, and of course, dancing to her very own "Hollaback Girl." 

The classic hit that probably every '90s kid knows played at the reception and Stefani did exactly what we hoped for: she jammed out to the track with the guests. Stefani posted the video with the caption "pulled on the dance floor" and honestly, I'm not complaining. It's so funny that her song came on, but I'm wondering if it was planned. If so, good call, bride and groom. Seriously though, Gwen is the real MVP for getting up to join the party, even though it must have felt weird to hear her own song.

I think from now on, there should be an unspoken rule for newlyweds to play the songs of any musician that attends their receptions. We need more moments like this, am I right?