This 'Grey's Anatomy' Actor Thinks Her Character Could've Saved Jack on 'This Is Us'

Given that Jack died in a far more calm and unexpected way than we expected on This Is Us this past week, the loss of him just feels that more heartbreaking. Seeing as the neglect of the hospital staff seems to be a major factor in his death, another TV doctor has weighed in on Jack's cardiac arrest and what could have prevented it. Sarah Drew, who plays April on Grey's Anatomy, feels that April would have had the smarts to properly catch onto Jack's symptoms.

Refinery29 reports that after a fan tweeted that Dr. April would've noticed the severe effects of Jack's smoke inhalation, Drew responded, saying that she agreed and referencing the circumstances that got April fired in Season 6 of Grey's Anatomy.

As any loyal Grey's Anatomy fan would know, April was only an intern when she failed to closely analyze a woman who received burns in a hotel fire. As a result, the woman died of smoke inhalation, just as Jack did, and April was fired for her negligence. You never make the same mistake twice, so if April had the power to travel back in time and find the right Pittsburgh hospital in the '90s, it's quite possible that she would know how to save Jack.

It's not just TV doctors who feel that Jack's death was easily preventable. Real life nurses have also weighed in on how Jack's deadly symptoms were so glaring that it was foolish for a doctor to not observe them. However, I can't help but get over that even casual TV fans knew enough to determine where Jack's doctor went wrong. 

BRB, I'm ready to cry over Jack's death all over again.