Golden Globes Host Seth Meyers Hints That Amy Poehler Is Helping Him Prepare for the Gig

Am I the only one who turns to old Saturday Night Live footage of "Weekend Update" when I'm nostalgic? Among the epic anchor pairings in the sketch show's famous feature are Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler, and the two continue to be close today. In preparation for hosting the 75th Golden Globes ceremony this Sunday, Meyers has even revealed that Poehler and her three-time Globes co-host Tina Fey may play a crucial part in his impending role.

"I'm constantly talking to them," Meyers said to PEOPLE at a Golden Globes preview event on Thursday. "I'm going to see Amy today and going to run through stuff with her. She's long been my spirit animal and continues to be to this day."

I mean, I think we all see Amy Poehler as our spirit animal. 

Meyers and Poehler co-anchored "Weekend Update" together from 2006 to 2008, when Poehler left SNL and Meyers took over by himself until 2013. The two have reunited before on Late Night with Seth Meyers a few times, and it looks like Poehler may even make a guest appearance on Sunday night. 

Poehler is also just as supportive of Meyers as he is of her. In an interview with the New York Times, Poehler discussed how Meyers was a natural fit for addressing Hollywood's recent outburt of sexual misconduct accusations. "You can just sense [a sensitivity] with Seth," she said. "He has strong relationships with women and a very clear sense of himself. You don't just get to decide you have that before the Globes. He's been depositing that in the bank for a long time, and there's a security in that for him."

Meyers definitely has a major responsibility of addressing so many women coming forward with their experiences of sexual abuse. Speaking to PEOPLE, he said, "We're very aware that as soon as I walk onstage people will be expecting [me to say] something. We'll try to get through that on the early side of things and then move on to what the night is originally planned, which is 'hey, let's celebrate good work.' So we'll see if we manage the tone right...I would say about 90 percent of our conversations are about that."

He also emphasized to the Times that he doesn't want nominees to feel overshadowed by the heavy conversation. "Let's not let these people who have done terrible things, or a culture that's allowed these terrible things, to cloud the fact that people have also done excellant work and that's what the night's for," he said.

We'll wait and see how well Meyers' opening monologue settles with viewers, but I definitely have confidence in him doing well. The Golden Globes air on Sunday, Jan. 7, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.