Get Excited, Because There's Going to Be a 'Grey's Anatomy' Web Series

If you just can't get enough of Shonda Rhimes's masterpiece, Grey's Anatomy (and seriously, who can't), we have some good news for you: a Grey's Anatomy web series is happening, and you'll be able to stream it TOMORROW.

Entertainment Weekly reports that ABC is leading up to the premiere of the show's 300th episode on Nov. 9th with a six-part web series created by ABC Digital Studios. So far, we know that the series, called Grey's Anatomy: Post Op, will feature Gordon James, a.k.a. Nurse Gregory, as he talks with the cast, writers and producers about a decade's (!!!) worth of the type of ~drama~ that only Grey's can give us.

The best part? You'll already be able to stream it via starting tomorrow, Oct. 4 at 10 a.m, so get ready to be completely glued to your computer for basically the next month. Considering all the romance, tragic deaths and medical mysteries the show has covered over the last 10 years (um, McDreamy's death anyone?) there are bound to be some emotional moments — so we suggest keeping a tissue box nearby.