Happy Valentine's Day! Gabi DeMartino Just Gifted Us Her 'Cold Room' Music Video (Exclusive)

You may know Gabi DeMartino as 1/2 of YouTube sister duo Niki x Gabi. Or maybe you know her as that girl who looks a LOT like Ariana Grande (no, really—I'm deeply convinced that Gabi and Niki are actually triplets, and Ariana is their long lost sister), and just so happened to also appear as the cheerleader who punches herself in the face in Ariana's "Thank U, Next" video. But whatever the case, Gabi also wants us all to know about her own music career.

In 2018, Gabi and Niki released an EP titled Individual. The video for their song, "Sleep It Off," which was featured on the album, garnered 2.1 million views in only two weeks. Now, the YouTube star-turned-singer, who boasts 3.4 million followers on Instagram alone (NBD), has just dropped the video for her latest solo single, "Cold Room," in time for Valentine's Day—and we're debuting it right here on Her Campus.

“'Cold Room' is a song I wrote 3 years ago, while I was forming unfamiliar feelings for a friend. I knew it was more than a friend but never wanted to confront the situation because I was afraid the feelings weren’t mutual. I never wanted to cross the line and ruin the friendship. I decided to release this song now, because it came on shuffle in my car while driving through a blizzard on the east coast," Gabi said while discussing the meaning behind the song.

"It is the most relatable, confident, upbeat love ballad that I have ever written and thought maybe it could help a few relationships blossom this Valentine’s Day. I want this track to help people in similar situations. Hopefully this song can send shivers down some spines and chill some veins. Pun-intended!"

Happy V-Day! Now, sit back, enjoy and keep hitting that replay button. Kisses.