G-Eazy Had To Cancel A Whole Performance Because Even Canada Is Team Halsey (Or At Least That's What I'd Like To Think)

The weirdest of weird paradigm shifts has afflicted Hollywood coupledoms everywhere. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s engagement sparked an extended (but apparently necessary) conversation on BDE and other bizarre genital-themed discussions. Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are newly engaged. On the other end of the spectrum, G-Eazy and Halsey recently broke up, with not-so-subtle hints that Gerald cheated on Halsey. But, our queen Halsey might be winning the split, seeing as G had to cancel an entire concert. (Why? Because even Canada is Team Halsey.)

That’s right: the couple that monetized on their loved-up album that was basically a string of couplely DMs about their personal relationship, which was made public to their fans and followers (because it was a whole ass album, with some straggling singles) broke up. We’re already high-key waiting for Halsey to drop her probably-inevitable breakup-themed album about her succeeding in her fresh single habitat. Although, she’s already succeeding in her post-breakup life because, well, G definitely isn’t winning RN. (That’s right: there is always a clear winner and loser in a breakup. If you don’t want to admit it, then you’ve probs been losing your breakups. Don’t @ us because you’re bitter that you don’t have Halsey’s BDE.)

Hot New Hip Hop reports that G-Eazy had to nix his gig at the Cowboys Music Festival in Canada after he was denied entry into the country. Does this mean that Canada is a Halsey fan? Or that Canada is just against cheating, even if it’s still “alleged”? Regardless, it seems like indirectly Canada canceled G-Eazy’s concert. (We’d say Canada canceled Gerald, but did G-Eazy really ever start?)

Anonymous sources told TMZ that there was apparently an issue with Canadian customs. Seeing as Canada is pretty stringent on who they let into their country, G’s recent assault and cocaine charges might have had something to do with the Canadian customs agents’ decision.

Low-key, we stan these ambiguous customs agents because this is the kind of post-breakup news every newly-single gal deserves to hear (or read). Call us petty all you want—and we totally are and we’re not ashamed—but sometimes everyone needs to hear some bad news about their ex to truly thrive in their singledom glory.

If you can’t relate, then you’ve clearly never sleuthed that your d*ck of an ex-fling got denied entry at his favorite bar. Regardless of whatever the f*ck Gerald’s doing with his life, we just hope that Halsey is happy, healthy and having a great life.