These 15 Hilarious Tweets About Animal Crossing: New Horizons Are God Tier

Much of the internet has flocked to Animal Crossing: New Horizons for an escape, mainly because the last few months have been, well—you know. The game's release actually broke records with New Horizons being the third-highest physical launch of any Nintendo game, and by far best-selling game within the AC franchise. And what can we expect when very online young people get a hold of something? Memes. 


  1. 1. Isabelle's morning announcements are the only thing keeping us sane.  

  2. 2. Giving K.K. Slider a run for his money. 

  3. 3. Animal Crossing veterans are having trouble adjusting. 

  4. 4. What a strange time to be alive...

  5. 5. Blathers' hatred of bugs is always a treat when you're trying to donate. 

  6. 6. I hope K.K. knows that he has a full fan club on the island. 

  7. 7. Blathers has really embraced the owl mentality. 

  8. 8. We will always be indebted to this racoon. 

  9. 9. Do the islanders know? 

  10. 10. So, no unbreakable tools? 

  11. 11. I swear if I catch another sea bass...

  12. 12. Remember when we had to go outside to meet new, friendly video game animals? Remember when we could go outside?

  13. 13. A very practical and productive daily schedule. 

  14. 14. Catching fish and selling turnips is enough for us. 

  15. 15. And finally, admiring all the amazing K.K. Slider album re-draws. 

If you're a seasoned AC player, a New Horizons newbie, or just downloaded Pocket Camp, these tweets can bring light to your days. Hopefully the new update will create a fresh wave of memes for us to enjoy too.