Fifth Harmony Surprised Fans With A New Music Video & I'm Shook

We thought it was over, but it looks like Fifth Harmony had one last trick up their sleeves for Harmonizers. That's right, the girl group dropped a new music video involving fancy dresses and an empty loft for their song "Don't Say You Love Me," and I'm equally shook as I am confused.


To recap, the group announced its decision to take a hiatus just a couple months ago. When I saw the video's release, I wondered if the video was a good-bye or a teaser for something new, telling fans the hiatus was all a prank. Judging by the band's tweet for the video, it was totally a farewell and I can't help but feel sad for all the Harmonizers out there. I feel like it's finally setting in that the group is going its separate ways. I mean, the video even ends with each member walking out of a door, with it shutting behind them, so that's a pretty clear message in itself.

Like I always do, I definitely checked Twitter to see fan reactions because they never fail to say what we are all thinking. Warning: these are emotional AF.

As emotional as the video is, I feel like the new chapters the girls are taking on will be exciting. Not to mention, it is a hiatus after all, so maybe they will find their way back to Fifth Harmony in the future. For now, playing all their old videos on YouTube and pretending things are fine is the best plan of attack to avoid saying bye, right?