Fans Slam Kim Kardashian For Promoting Flat Tummy Lollipops & Its Created An Important Conversation About Body Positivity

A very common way for brands to seek attention in the age of social media is to utilize influencers. The brand pays a popular social media user, usually a celebrity, to use their product and post about it, often on Twitter or Instagram. Sometimes the influencer actually uses the product, other times they’re just paid to take pictures with it.

Kim Kardashian and her family have been popular choices to promote products on Instagram. Most recently, she posted a picture with an appetite suppressing lollipop from the brand Flat Tummy.

Since then, Kim has received massive backlash for promoting the product. Though she’s since deleted the post, many people had already taken screenshots. (The internet is forever, after all.)

My earliest awareness of the issue came earlier today when Jameela Jamil, an actress from NBC’s (amazing) show The Good Place and an advocate for body positivity, posted a few scathing tweets about Kim and her influence on young fans.

Jameela certainly isn’t the only one. Many fans have lost respect for Kim for her willingness to advocate for a product that suppresses the natural urge of hunger and offsets healthy eating habits in order to lose weight.

Though this has been the most public moment, Kim has been promoting products for the Flat Tummy brand for a while now, like teas and meal-replacement shakes. She also documented progress on a 10-day juice cleanse she completed last month.

Celebrities, and anyone in the public eye, need to be conscious of what they associate themselves with. After a rough few weeks for her husband Kanye West, following statements in the media (which I’m not even going to begin on), maybe it’s best for the personality to stay away from anything remotely controversial for a hot minute.