This Fan Theory Might Be Proof That Dan Humphrey Was Revealed As Gossip Girl in Season 1 & It's SO Obvious

Even though it’s been six years since Gossip Girl ended, we’re still all shaken up about the reveal of the identity of that elusive Gossip Girl herself. By the way, it’s Dan Humphrey. Sorry about the spoiler but as I said before, it’s been six years since Gossip Girl ended.

The show still has some pretty sleuthy stans, though. Buzzfeed writer Ehis Osifo published a triumph in investigative journalism, claiming that Dan hinted at being Gossip Girl in the very first episode.


Osifo said that Dan (Penn Badgley) had to become Gossip Girl to infiltrate Serena Van Der Woodsen’s (Blake Lively) social circle, all in an effort to be with her. “He had to find a way to fit into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s Elite.”

Some obvious tells Osifo points out include the screen panning to Dan when Gossip Girl is talking about herself, Dan eavesdropping on Chuck and Nate’s conversation, and his sister Jenny being the only one who wasn’t slandered on the blog. “Why would he shade his own blood?” she poses.

My personal favorite find was Dan being the only person to read Gossip Girl via computer instead of phone. That one is a good catch. We bloggers would never blog from a phone—though right now I am using my phone to read five different articles instead of writing this one.

I love a good foreshadow on TV, and it looks like Gossip Girl’s was hiding in plain sight the whole time. This seems like a good excuse to go back and binge the whole thing.