This Fan Theory About Drake's Son's Name Is Wild, But We Kind Of Support It

While Hot New Hip Hop reports that Drake’s latest album, Scorpion, went platinum the same day it was released (which is huge, obviously), we’ve been preoccupied with fan theorying about Drake’s son’s name. After all, fan theories run our lives, and we’re only slightly ashamed. Since Drake confirmed on his album that he does have a son, the Twitterverse has been feeding us some necessary theories about what his son’s name might be.

Amid the on-going drama between Pusha T and Drake, Pusha alleged that Drake has a child, according to People. When Drake finally confirmed these allegations, after clarifying other weirdly invasion claims that Pusha included in his songs, we’ve basically be listening to Drake’s album on repeat just to try to guess what his son’s name might be. Granted, we were going to listen to Scorpion non-stop this entire week, month and probably year anyway—but our name hypotheses have been getting in the way of ~truly~ enjoying his music.

Thankfully, one Twitter user did some extensive song sleuthing for us. “I only love ‘My Bed’ and my momma I’m sorry... Drake’s son’s name is Mahbed = Romanian for “chosen one” He been telling the truth,” the Twitter user wrote.

If you didn’t catch that reference, this Twitter user’s theory originated from Drake’s “God’s Plan” lyrics, where the artist said, “I only love my bed and my momma.” But, there’s a very real possibility that he might have coded that particular line to mean “Mahbed and my momma.”

E! News adds that Sophie Brussaux, who’s allegedly the mother of Drake’s son, called her son Adonis. While the Instagram post was recently deleted, Pusha T hinted that Adonis might be Drake son’s first name in his song entitled, “The Story of Adidon.”

In the now-reconned Insta post, Brussaux captioned a photo with her son with, "Mother of Adonis <3," People reports. 

While Adonis might be Drake’s son’s all but confirmed first name, Mahbed could be his middle name. TBH, we totally support this powerful name.

Given the uplifting and inspirational nature of Drake’s “God’s Plan” lyrics, music video, and the associated altruistic acts, the song could also serve as a subtle ode to his son, Adonis Mahbed.