Everything You Need to Know About Josh Hutcherson’s Newest Project

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We college women are serious film buffs—from guilty pleasures to the movies that really make you think—we love any excuse to go to the movies. Though many of us wanted to be movie stars and directors when we were little, some of our college peers are actually making their way in the industry—and we are beyond impressed.

Canon U.S.A. Inc., the world leader in advanced imaging products, is sponsoring an initiative called Project Imagination: The Trailer, which aims to inspire and empower creativity in our everyday lives. Canon ran a contest where people could submit their own movie trailers—from their own footage they shot! Canon provided the tools so even a novice could enter: everything from adding movie titles, voice-overs and soundtracks—talk about a film student’s dream! The winner of the contest would have their trailer be made into an actual film with REAL Hollywood actors.

And guess what? A college student, one of our peers, won! Mark Mukherjee, a student in Florida, was selected from over 1,000 entries, and his trailer, “Tainted Water,” is now inspiring the short film, “The Rusted,” a psychological thriller starring Hunger Games stars, Josh Hutcherson and Jena Malone! Imagine being in college and having your trailer turn into a movie with Josh Hutcherson. We can’t even.

You don’t even need to go to a movie theater to see it, either. Watch the film here. It’s about a brother and sister’s attempt to renovate their childhood home into a recording studio, but strange happenings force them to deal with memories from their past. We’re really excited about this project—and super jealous of the college kid who inspired the whole thing.