Elijah Wood is Friends with Bachelor Nick Viall, & It's Totally a Big Deal

In a random celebrity BFF pairing, Elijah Wood revealed on The Tonight Show last night that he’s friends with Bachelor Nick Viall. Despite the odd match, we think this gives new meaning to BFF goals. 

Apparently their friendship goes back to before the world even knew Nick was going to be the Bachelor. Of course, Elijah knew before anyone else.

According to Wood, Nick and he have a mutual friend who introduced them. "I've known Nick since before he became the Bachelor, is the craziest thing," he spilled. "My friend Kyle saw him at Lollapalooza and recognized him, took a photo with him. They became friends and they started hanging out when Nick moved out to L.A. and they became fast friends. So he was just around and I would hang out with him, and I kind of knew about his Bachelorette experiences and found it fascinating."

The Bachelor is super secretive, but Elijah knows a few behind-the-scenes tidbits. He revealed, "It's worse than jail. Except you've 20 girls." Tbh, I don’t think Nick minds the extra attention.

While talking to Jimmy, Elijah even defended Nick against rumors that he isn’t committed to finding a soulmate. As expected, it was kind of a recap of what we’ve heard before so I guess what we see each week is the real deal, but go ahead and judge for yourself.

"Here's the thing about Nick," Wood said. "I think a lot of people question whether that is really him on the show in the way that he is presenting himself. And that is him. He's a very genuine individual, he's got a lot of integrity, I can unequivocally say that."

Their friendship has turned Elijah into a member of Bachelor Nation. In fact, he watches every Monday night now and has opinions about Corinne, hometown dates and everything else that goes on, just like us!

He revealed to Jimmy that his pick for Nick was *drum roll* Rachel. While we already know they're not going to work out, it sounds like Elijah will be staying tuned for Rachel's journey on The Bachelorette.