Ed Sheeran Temporarily Deleted His Twitter After His 'Game of Thrones' Cameo, & I Want Answers

After making a cameo in the Games of Thrones Season 7 premiere, Ed Sheeran temporarily deleted his Twitter account, and fans were desperate for an explanation.

According to Mashable, Sheeran's Twitter account disappeared Monday afternoon, less than 24 hours after the GoT premiere aired. There's been no explanation from the “Shape of You” singer. So WTF happened?! Billboard and Mashable report that fans speculated that Ed deleted his account because of the negative reviews and hate he received after appearing on the popular HBO series. As of Tuesday, though, his account seemed to be up again, with sparse promotional tweets populating his feed.

Sheeran is no stranger to taking a break from the internet. Less than two weeks ago, Ed admitted he couldn't look at Twitter anymore because of the awful comments directed at him, but he also reassured fans that he wasn't quitting the platform altogether. And in 2015, he took a temporary social media hiatus so he could focus on his third album, ÷, according to Billboard. After that, he returned to social media, but when his Twitter page vanished, fans started wondering if he was gone for good. This, of course, caused a storm of people to tweet about the singer, his appearance on GoT and his abrupt absence from Twitter.

Even if Sheeran is done personally posting to his Twitter account, we haven’t seen the last of him on social media, as Ed posted a photo on Instagram yesterday of him and his girlfriend on top of a mountain in Peru.


Climbing mountains in Peru

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So what if the haters didn't like his GoT character?! He's still an angel and deserves to be treated as such. We’ll always love you, Ed.