Dr. Phil Rocked Out With Good Charlotte & I'm Extremely Confused

If you need any more proof that we're living in a simulation, look no further than the recent performance by Good Charlotte... and Dr. Phil. Yes, that Dr. Phil.

The two joined forces for a sketch on The Late Late Show with James Corden, in which the host embraces the role of a "renowned music performance enhancement coach." 

"Some people call me the Ghandi of music," Corden says. "So when Good Charlotte called me saying they needed my help, I hopped on the first flight to Dallas."

However, it turns out that the band lives in Los Angeles. The camera flashes to Benji and Joel Madden, who reveal they never actually called Corden. "We've never met him. He just showed up," they said.

"Right now you're Good charlotte, and I want you to be Great Charlotte," Corden tells the band before presenting his grand idea: a collaboration with Dr. Phil. 

"I'm here to rock this bitch!" Dr. Phil says after arriving. 

When it comes time for the duo's performance, Dr. Phil emerges with deep eyeliner, a fake tattoo sleeve, and way too much leather. The whole thing is hilarious, and Dr. Phil clearly had a lot of fun. "I'm like a pig in the mud. I cannot thank James enough," he said. "I knew it was what I needed to be doing. It's like I always say, when you get the right chicken in the right coop, pretty soon, you're eating scrambled eggs, man!"

Corden, however, admitted that his idea wasn't one of his best: "If anything, that was Bad Charlotte."

Watch the entire sketch below.