Donald Trump Was Reportedly Advised to Dance with Caitlyn Jenner at the Inauguration

Donald Trump's inauguration will take place this Friday, and planning has been in full swing for the event. Many celebs have been vocal about their refusal to attend, but Caitlyn Jenner has made headlines for agreeing to come. 

Now reports are suggesting that Trump's inauguration planning committee has proposed that the President-elect dance with Jenner at Friday night's festivities. A source told Page Six, "The image of Trump dancing with Caitlyn would send a strong message that he supports gay rights and trans rights. A picture is worth a thousand tweets."

Caitlyn's rep has since reached out to People and denied the claim, calling it "ridiculous." The rep continued, "I can’t deal in hypotheticals and have no idea what any Trump aids hope happens."

Regardless of whether the dance occurs, we can guarantee this event will be one to remember.