Disney Fans Are Not Here for the 21-Minute 'Frozen' Short Playing Before 'Coco'

Disney made this Thanksgiving weekend a little sweeter by releasing its newest animated film, CocoThe heartwarming movie brought in an incredible $71.2 million during its opening weekend, so we're guessing it's pretty great. Viewers may have enjoyed Coco, but they have different feelings about the 21-minute "short" that played before it, BuzzFeed reports.

Pixar is known for blessing viewers with short animations before their movies, so with the release of Coco also came Olaf's Frozen Adventure. As much as fans love Frozen, the short didn't receive the same level of appreciation. Disney fans on Twitter had A LOT to say about the short, which may make you think twice about watching it. 

Some people suggest that the Frozen short takes away from the Mexican-American people featured in Coco.

In response to the anger and confusion from moviegoers, theaters are taking it upon themselves to warn viewers. 

Some theaters are even going so far as to remove the short altogether so attendees can fully indulge in Coco and all its musical glory. This theater chain in Mexico tweeted, "The moment #COCOthemovie stole our hearts... Starting today, enjoy the version without the short."

In the midst of the controversy, there are plenty of diehard Frozen fans who will graciously agree to disagree. 

Let's face it—a 21-minute short is more like a sequel to Frozen (which I'm still looking out for, btw). Olaf can have his moment elsewhere so Coco is respectfully given its own time to shine.