Disney Channel Is Planning a 'Hocus Pocus' Remake, & I Am Not About It

It’s nearly October, meaning that we can finally binge watch some classic Halloween flicks like the ‘90s hit Hocus Pocus. Whether you love the OG girl squad of the Sanderson sisters or if Max Dennison was your first fictional crush, the 1993 film is undeniably legendary. However, Disney has decided to mess with genius, and it is now planning a Hocus Pocus remake.

HelloGiggles reports that the Disney Channel has begun developing a “reimagining” of the original movie without the involvement of the Sandersons. The move goes against what Hocus Pocus director Kenny Ortega (yes, as in the High School Musical director) said he wanted for the film’s future earlier this year.

“I wouldn’t be open to a remake,” Ortega told HelloGiggles in July. “But, I would be open to rethinking it or going back to the original ladies and saying, ‘Let’s do it again’...In other words, bringing them back for a second story as opposed to bringing them back for the same story.”

Ortega is reportedly not involved in this new project, but a producer and co-writer of the first film, David Kirschner, will return to executive produce the remake. Its lack of Sanderson sisters is particularly disappointing, as actresses Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker have all expressed hope for a sequel in the past.

The internet seems to agree with Ortega’s sentiments about a remake as opposed to a sequel.

Count me in as someone who agrees that this is one remake we definitely don't need. With so few perfectly made movies out there, why not celebrate Hocus Pocus as is and leave the story alone?