Demi Lovato's Mom Has Revealed One of The Family's Darkest Moments & I'm Honestly Heartbroken

Demi Lovato has been a huge part of our childhood, from Sonny With a Chance to Camp Rock, and now she seems larger than life. She's had a rough past—that we know—but Demi's mom, Dianna De La Garza is shedding some serious light on Demi's mental health issues and it's so heartbreaking.

Out March 6, De La Garza's book, Falling With Wings, details her life, as well as her star-studded family's lives, in a way we haven't seen before. An excerpt about Demi's downward spiral during her Disney days was shared on Entertainment Weekly and it's so sad, but makes me thankful to hear Demi has come so far from her beginnings of stardom.

De La Garza begins by painting a picture of returning to her Texas home after helping her kids, Demi, Dallas and Madison, get on their feet in Los Angeles with their entertainment endeavors. She mentions her home and how it feels after being gone for so long, but is immediately drawn back to helping her kids when she received a text from Demi, who was on tour with the Jonas Brothers for Camp Rock 2 at the time.

"Demi’s message sends a chill down my spine, causing my knees to buckle," she writes. "'What’s wrong?' cries Lorna. I struggle to breathe as the light in the room slowly dims. I try to talk but can’t. As though trapped in a bad dream, I fight through the grayness and read the message one more time: 'I’m sorry ahead of time.' The words electrify every nerve in my body, telling me that Demi is in serious trouble." It's here where Dianna believes Demi committed suicide and as a result, she flashes back to the time she discovered bloody rags in Demi's room before her filming with Sonny With A Chance, realizing Demi was still cutting her wrists after promising to stop.

The flashback is hard to read, but it makes sense as to why De La Garza took the text as a goodbye.

The excerpt continues, describing the moment where Demi doesn't answer her mother's phone call. De La Garza decides to call Demi's father, Eddie, who answers, but isn't quick to fill her in on what happened. "'Hello,' he answers, his voice too calm, too flat. 'Eddie!' I scream, 'Where’s Demi?' 'She’s here . . . next to me,' he says through clenched teeth. Typically friendly and upbeat, Eddie’s response unnerves me. Clearly, he doesn’t want to talk. 'Is she all right?' I ask, trying not to panic though the look on Lorna’s face tells me she, too, is worried. 'No . . . not really,' he says, frustration tugging at every word. 'What’s going on?' I demand. 'Not now!' he snaps. 'I can’t talk.' Oh, no, no, no. He did not just say that. And so emphatically, like I’m bothering him. 'Oh, you’re going to talk,' I say. 'You’re going to tell me right now what’s happening.' Only then do I hear the raggedness of his breath. 'We’re on the plane,' he begins. 'There was a fight, and she punched one of her dancers in the face . . . it’s serious.'" From there, De La Garza realizes her children aren't doing well in the grand scheme of things.

"'The past few months have been hell. No one in my family knows, but Dallas just got out of rehab. She’s struggling with feeling inadequate and ignored because of her sisters’ successes, and Madison is being bullied on the Internet about her weight, which according to the press, is all my fault.' I pause, twisting the tissue in my hands. 'But it’s Demi I’m most worried about. She battles depression a lot . . . and I’m pretty sure all those parties she goes to are full of drugs and alcohol.'" As the excerpt continues, she realizes that her family is everything and she will put them first, so she decides to pray. "'Dear God,' I whisper, 'send us the help we need.' It’s a simple, heartfelt prayer. Though I mean every word, I have no idea how long or how hard each of us will have to work to turn our lives around. Nor can I comprehend the emotional layers beneath our troubles or my own deteriorating mental health that is woven into our family’s issues. Only one thing is certain—I won’t be attending that thirtieth high school reunion that seemed so important a few hours ago. It’s time to start a new chapter in our lives. Our family’s survival depends upon it." 

The last line is what really set in when reading this, as it makes Demi's mental health issues so much more real for fans. I am so thankful Demi found her way back on track and it's clear she had a wonderful support system to help with it all.

De La Garza's book is available now and judging by this excerpt, it's going to be an amazing read.