Demi Lovato Says She Fell in Love With Joe Jonas During This Moment in 'Camp Rock 2'

Demi Lovato may leave fans wondering about her potential feelings for pal Nick Jonas, but she's not afraid to share the moment that her first JoBro-mance began. While watching scenes from Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2, the singer reminisced on her short-lived love affair with former Disney Channel costar Joe Jonas. 

Days before the release of her upcoming documentary, Simply Complicated, the star has blessed YouTube with a series of childhood videos, Cosmopolitan reports. After revisiting her days as a pageant queen, Demi admitted when she first started burnin' up for her famous ex.

Her close friend Matthew Scott asked, “Did you have a crush on him, like, this whole time?”

“Oh, yeah,” Demi said, without a second of hesitation.

Camp Rock fans know that Mitchie Torres fell deeper in love with Shane Gray when he first serenaded her with "Gotta Find You." Turns out, this is also the scene when Demi caught feelings for Joe IRL. 

“Oh my God, wait,” she said when Joe and his guitar came on screen. “This moment I frickin’ fell in love with him.” Demi gushed over the pair's first kiss and laughed at their "like a month" long relationship.

She later said that she loves her past, and her friends agree that she has always been the same awesome person. All around it's the perfect preface to her documentary, which premieres Tuesday, Oct. 17, on YouTube.

Nice try, Demi, but this trip down memory lane will not distract your Lovatics. Have you, or have you not, also caught the lovebug for Nick?