Could Ben Be 'The One' for Mindy Lahiri?

When we last saw The Mindy Project and our favorite doctor/fashionista Mindy Lahiri in November, Mindy and Ben had come to a standstill: Ben felt unappreciated by Mindy while Mindy felt that Ben wasn't living up to his full potential. Amidst this romantic chaos, Mindy ran into her old flame Jamie, and after a few capfuls of liquor, Mindy kissed him. Unfortunately, Ben happened to walk in at that moment and catch them in the act. Cue the typical rom-com chase scene through the streets of New York, with Ben and Mindy once again fighting over where their relationship was going. Finally, Ben dumped Mindy with these parting words: "All this time you've been wondering if I'm good enough for you, huh? But…I don't think you're good enough for me." *Ugly cry face*

After over two excrutiating months of waiting, we finally have a resolution to this Mindy and Ben (Men? Bindy?) dilemma. In this week's new episode, Mindy wakes up on a typical Wednesday morning—except it turns out to be anything but. She breaks her third iPhone that month, realizes she's completely out of tampons just as her period starts, has to deal with her least favorite patients and runs into Ben at the hospital. Worst. Day. Ever. Even worse, she wakes up the next morning to find out she's living the same day over and over again à la Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. 

However awful having your period EVERY DAY must be, Mindy realizes that she now has the opportunity to reconnect with Ben and possibly even win him back. Although her and Ben's relationship wasn't perfect, we saw flashes of Mindy becoming a better person just by being around him. She took the time to get to know his daughter, Lindsay, and even trekked out to the suburbs to spend time with them as a happy little family. She encouraged him to take on new challenges, like going on The Today Show, even if it was partly so she could be friends with a "celebrity." It seemed like Ben was someone that Mindy could really settle down with, until it came crashing down at that party with Jamie. 

Now she's been given a chance to right her wrongs. Every day, she has lunch with Ben and actually listens to him, instead of making everything about her. She learns he loves Marvel movies and Star Trek and that his mother converted to Judaism. Alghough Ben may not remember any of this when the day resets, Mindy finds their relationship becoming stronger and stronger the more she listens. When Ben reveals he has to jump on a plane to take Lindsay to visit his ex, Mindy encourages him to go because it's "the right thing to do." Mindy's been in a lot of relationships, but never before have we seen her spend so much time and energy trying to make herself a better partner. 

When Mindy awakens on Thursday, she's devastated that she may not have sealed the deal with Ben in time. However, it turns out that her listening skills and self-improvement have paid off: Ben shows up at her door ready to try their relationship again. While you can never be sure if it's actually happily ever after on The Mindy Project (we miss you, Danny!), Mindy's commitment to get Ben back by becoming a better person shows that she truly loves him and is willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. Maybe this is a sign that Ben is "the one" for Mindy, but we'll have to wait to find out for sure.