Cole Sprouse Wrote a Powerful Twitter Thread About the Media's Role in Gun Violence

Following the horrific mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas Sunday night, celebrities are coming forward to show their support. While many famous figures are offering condolences, Riverdale actor Cole Sprouse took a different approach by providing an intellectual response to yet another tragic event caused by gun violence. 

In a powerful Twitter thread, Cole called out the media for focusing so much on the lives of shooters. By making these "villians" famous, Sprouse argued that the media is encouraging others who are "hungry for attention." He went on to say that a "part of whiteness" is responsible for the recurring gun violence and killing that happens so often in this country. As HuffPost reports, white men have committed the majority of mass shootings in the United States, though many continue to fear non-Americans. 

Read Cole's complete thread below.

As our nation struggles to make sense of such a heartless crime, Cole points to specific issues that must be addressed to understand and hopefully prevent a similar tragedy from happening in the future.