Cole Sprouse Shared an Intimate Photo He Took of Lili Reinhart for Her Birthday & Called Her 'My Little Muse'

Even though Riverdale stars Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart have never actually explicitly shared that they are in fact dating, they have strongly implied it by sharing Instagram photos that indicate that they are a couple. Reinhart had called Sprouse “my love” in a birthday message on Instagram last month, and now it looks like Sprouse is returning the sentiment for Reinhart’s birthday.  

For Reinhart’s birthday, which was on September 13th, Sprouse shocked Bughead fans everywhere with a sweet birthday message.

Sprouse paid tribute to Reinhart by sharing a stunning topless photo of the actress in front of a mirror, captioning the photo, “Both the birthday and the gift. My little muse, happy birthday my love.”



Both the birthday and the gift. My little muse, happy birthday my love.

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As fans know, Sprouse is a talented photographer and it definitely shows in this photo.

This intimate image follows a rare photo of the couple posted on Instagram by Sprouse on Monday, according to Insider.

But that didn’t stop Bughead stans from just about losing it, and having some serious ~feelings~ about Sprouse’s birthday post.

Last month, Sprouse said he wanted to share more private photos on his social media account, and he certainly has stuck to his promise. We hope Reinhart had a wonderful birthday, and that we get to see more sweet moments like this in the future.