Chrissy Teigen Claps Back at Twitter Troll in the Best Way

Ok, let's just get straight to the point: Chrissy Teigen rocks. Like, she really is the best. Between her adorable Instagram posts with her hubby and her honest attitude, she is a person who you want as your best friend. Luckily for us, today is no exception. 

On the red carpet at last night's Producers Guild Awards, Teigen spoke with Entertainment Tonight about what's in store for her and John Legend in regards to more babies and she said that "a little boy is next for sure." Because Teigen can't do anything with a hater trolling her, as Cosmopolitan reports, she tweeted out some words to ~clarify.~


But if that weren't bad enough, a Twitter user named Linda Wampler, asked Teigen didn’t “give it a minute to try naturally.” And Teigen's response is so perfect. 

YES to all of this.