Chris Pine Could've Been Rory's Boyfriend on 'Gilmore Girls'

In a recent interview with W Magazine, regulation hottie Chris Pine casually revealed that his very first professional audition was for Gilmore Girls. Actually, he referred to it as “The Gilmore Girls,” but we’ll let that one slide.

The 36-year-old shared that his dad helped him land a reading with genius GG casting director, Mara Casey, shortly after he graduated from college. As Pine put it, “Nepotism at its best.”

Though he ultimately didn’t land the role, that doesn’t mean I can’t take the time to fantasize about what could’ve been. Chris can't remember exactly which part he auditioned for, but he believes it was for "a boyfriend." Which means he most definitely would've played one of Rory Gilmore's infamous suitors. But WHICH ONE?

Pine graduated from Cal Berkeley in 2002, and Gilmore Girls premiered in 2000, so his earliest appearance would have been in season three. With Jess and Dean already cast, Chris would've had to be reading for the part of Logan. Or maybe Marty? Oy, how different that role would've been.

Thanks to Pine's terrible memory, we may never know what role he could've played in the Gilmores' lives. But hey, there's still a chance for him to appear in a (merely rumored) second season of A Year in the Life.