Chris Brown Was In a Standoff With SWAT After Threatening a Woman With a Gun

Will Chris Brown ever land in the news for doing something positive? At 3 a.m. this morning, LAPD and SWAT responded to the rapper's Tarzana home, where a woman called claiming Brown had pulled a gun on her

While police waited for a warrant, Brown refused to exit his home, instead taking to Instagram to rant about the experience.


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In another video, he explained, "I'm not coming out for my house, for what? I ain't did shit, I ain't gonna do shit ... You guys got me fucked up though." He took a third video to use this opportunity to promote his new projects, and say, "I don't give a f**k about personal opinion. But what I do care about is y'all defacing my name as a person, and my character and integrity. I am a father. I am one of the best entertainers out here."

According to Baylee Curran, who called 911, the dispute was over a piece of jewelry. She spoke to TMZ and revealed she'd been in the home when a man brought over diamond watches and jewelry—Curran touched a necklace to admire it, and a friend of Brown's started "cussing me out, calling me names." He allegedly called a whore and told her to "put it down, you don't touch that, go back outside." Brown joined in, pulled out his gun and told her to "get the fuck out." He then had the audacity to ask her to sign a non-disclosure agreement. What?!

Though Brown's Instagram rant claims total innocence, when the search warrant arrived and police entered the home, they found at least one gun, other weapons and drugs. Apparently, he taunted the police, shouting "come and get me" as he threw a duffel bag filled with drugs and weapons out the window. 

Around 12:30 p.m. local time, police told TMZ that Brown was about to be arrested.