Chris Brown Charged with Hit and Run After Last Month's Fender Bender

Chris Brown, you wanted to see if we could run it, run it, but now we know for sure that you can, indeed, run it, run it.

Yesterday, infamous rapper Chris Brown was charged with criminal hit-and-run for a minor accident he was involved in last month in which he rear-ended a Mercedes Benz. Reportedly, Chris gave the other driver phony insurance information and refused to provide his driver’s license number. The L.A. City Attorney has now filed 2 criminal charges against Chris: one for leaving the scene without exchanging proper information, and another for driving without a valid license. Chris could potentially face up to 6 months in jail for each offense.

Chris, never one to remain mum, took to Twitter to address (i.e. rant about) the claims. In summary, Chris Brown feels this whole debacle is “really ridiculous” and Chris Brown also feels compelled to refer to Chris Brown in third person.

Well said, Chris Brown. He also made a few comments on the defamation of his character:

So what if he hasn’t demonstrated the most upstanding characteristics from ages 19 to 24? Just let him live, people!

The City Attorney plans on referring the incident to the L.A. Country D.A. to see if Chris has also violated the terms of his probation from the 2009 Rihanna beating case. If the judge rules that Chris did indeed violate his probation, he could face 4 years of prison.

Oh, Chris. We knew you were trouble when you walked in.


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