Cardi B Got Caught Jamming Out To Her Own Song & It's Hilarious

There are plenty of things that we love about celebrities: their fashion choices, the albums or movies they make, their interviews and so on. But there's something we especially treasure about celebrities: when they prove that they're just like the rest of us. And I'm not talking about grocery shopping or going out to dinner. I mean the mundane aspects of life, like playing dress-up just because, or totally falling on their faces and laughing about it two seconds later. 

So, while it was totally normal for Cardi B to be sitting courtside at the NBA All-Star game this past weekend, it was hilarious to see that she wasn't afraid to jam out to her own song! Yes, that's right. The rap sensation was caught bopping along like the rest of us would when her song "Bartier Cardi" flooded the speakers of Staples Center. 

Cardi was decked out in a bright, shiny red blazer and sunglasses to match with skinny jeans and white pumps as she got into the song. An added bonus? The bucket of popcorn in her lap that's an absolute must for any sporting event!

The video, posted by the NBA on TNT Instagram, showed the rapper in all of glory.


There is nothing more refreshing than a musician letting us all know that they too enjoy their music whenever it comes on. There's no need to play coy — when you know good music, even if it's your own, you have to bop along!

Cardi B seemed to have a blast at the event and was later even photographed with Migos who performed alongside N.E.R.D. during half-time.

How can you not love this woman? You keep doing you, Cardi B.