Cara Delevingne Clapped Back at This Troll Who Told Her to Get a Real Job

As if we didn't have enough reasons to love Cara Delevingne, her recent takedown of a Twitter troll is one for the ages. A few days ago, Cara revealed that she was about to do something big.

Later, we found out through Girl Up, a United Nations campaign aimed towards uniting girls to change the world, that Delevingne was on her way to visit refugees in Uganda.

We think what she's doing is amazing. But of course, some Twitter troll had something negative to say. The hater replied to Cara's tweet, telling her that he hoped she was interviewing for a real job and that her "looks will fade." Wow, rude.

It doesn't end there, though. Delevingne clapped back in a series of tweets.

He didn't stop and continued to mock her. After he claimed he was just trying to give her some helpful advice, Cara said her last word on the matter.

And that's how you shut down a troll.