Camila Cabello Is The 'Cinderella' I’ve Been Waiting For

Your favorite classic fairytale, Cinderella, is getting yet another remake, but this time it will have some Latin flare. Last week, The Hollywood Reporter released an exclusive report that Cuban singer-songwriter Camila Cabello will star as Cinderella in a new remake of the 1950 film. The mastermind behind the future film comes from The Late Late Show host James Corden, who is directing the movie. Cinderella will be Cabello’s first time starring in a box-office film, and even though expectations are high, I am certain Cabello is going to be the best damn princess we’ve ever had. Here’s why she’s the fairytale character we all deserve:

  1. 1. She's not afraid to get into character

    I mean, have you seen a Camila Cabello music video before? They’re epic, and showcase her acting skills and talent for creating believable chemistry. In her most recent music video for “Consequences,” starring your crush Dylan Sprouse, Cabello shows her emotional side as she is walking through a park with tears in her eyes reminiscing about her love. No word on who will be prince charming, but whoever it is should be so lucky.

  2. 2. She embodies the idea of a modern day princess

    We’ve already seen Cabello in multiple gorgeous gowns in music videos as well as on the red carpet, so it’s no secret that she fits the part. At the Brit Awards in 2018, she wore a stunning blue dress that, honestly, might have inspired the remake of the film. Can you even imagine how beautiful she will look as Cinderella? Most girls have dreamed of being a princess since a young age, and even though Disney has princesses of many different ethnicies, the character of Cinderella has almost always been blonde. Cabello does not have the staple blonde hair that the classic Disney Cinderella has, but she has luscious brown locks that look great anyway it is done. The Cuban singer-songwriter will no doubt put some Latin flare into the role of Cinderella.

  3. 3. She has the voice of a literal angel

    Having a beautiful voice is an integral part of being a perfect Cinderella, and Cabello definitely has one. Cabello has tremendous singing experience and vocal talent. She has been awarded several awards including multiple Billboard Music Awards. Cabello is set to be heavily involved with the new music to be produced for the new film with help from Kay Cannon, who also is known for writing comedies like Pitch Perfect. Cabello has also had multiple showstopping solo performances. I am sure no one has forgotten her live performance at the American Music Awards but if you did here it is. I already have chills imagining Cabello singing “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes.”

Cabello has yet to comment on the news that she will be the new Cinderella, but People Magazine as well as others reported that she posted a cartoon picture of Cinderella either on her Twitter account or on her Instagram story when the news was announced. While there’s not an official release date yet, I think we can take this time to feel incredibly excited about what’s to come.  If you need me, I’ll be listening to the original Cinderella soundtrack crossing my fingers the new film is released ASAP.