Calvin Harris Liked Something on Taylor Swift's Instagram & People Are Losing Their Shit

We get that there's no need to freak out here, but that's not going to stop us from freaking out. We already had an O M G moment when Taylor Swift posted a video of her singing along to "This Is What You Came For"—you know, the song that recently brought up some bad blood between her and ex Calvin Harris. Sure, the post was more about Gigi Hadid's walk down the runway than it was about the song, but like... it was also about the song.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed (because what else is an obsessed fan to do) that Calvin LIKED THE VIDEO—with many pointing out that he doesn't actually follow her. So does this mean even celeb exes give in to some social media stalking from time to time? I mean probably, right?

Anyway, people actually lost it, because we all thought this pairing was forever done.

This isn't the only Tayvin moment we've had in recent days. This, too, seems pretty compelling...

Tayvin take 2, we're ready for you.