Bryan Abasolo Added the Sweetest Touch to Rachel Lindsay's Engagement Ring

Rachel Lindsay knew she wanted her Bachelorette journey to end with an engagement, so of course, she had some ideas in mind for her engagement ring. When the time came for Bryan Abasolo to select the ring, he knew exactly what she wanted—because he’d asked her.

Bryan took Rachel’s list of “requirements” and added a special touch that put the Neil Lane sparkler—a three-carat pear-shaped diamond and platinum ring accented with a diamond halo—above and beyond Rachel’s expectations.

“What sealed the deal was the halo of diamonds that was around the ring,” Bryan explained to reporters during a press call Tuesday. “And the significance of that was—what nobody got to see was I believe in our second encounter at the mansion, I told Rachel that she’s so easy to talk to, every single guy in that house would walk away from a conversation with her thinking they were getting a rose because it went so great. And I just think that’s a tribute to Rachel’s genuineness and the fact that everybody gets along with her; it’s like America loves her, it’s like she really has a halo on top of her head. She has this aura about her that everybody loves her.”

“So fast-forward, one of our—the song is actually ‘Halo’ by Beyoncé and that’s what I told her on that second encounter,” he continued. “And with the halo going around the ring with the diamonds, that sealed the deal for me.”

OMG. Isn’t that just the sweetest story you’ve ever heard? Find you a man who puts this much thought into your engagement ring, ladies.