Brett Dier on ‘The New Romantic,' His Advice For College Seniors & Working With Gina Rodriguez on 'Jane the Virgin' (Exclusive Q&A)

You may know Brett Dier as Michael on Jane the Virgin, but most recently he can be seen starring in The New Romantic, which first premiered at SXSW back in March of this year. The film chronicles the journey of Blake (Jessica Barden), a college senior and aspiring journalist, who becomes a sugar baby in order to gain an interesting experience to write about that will hopefully win her a $50,000 prize in a journalism contest. Brett stepped into the shoes of Jacob, a college journalist and classmate of Blake’s, who shows a bit of a competitive side in the movie.

Brett spoke with Her Campus about his character Jacob’s overlooked relationship with Blake, what advice he would give today’s 21-year-olds, what it's really like to work with Gina Rodriguez on the set of Jane the Virgin and more.

Her Campus: What do you think about the invention of dating apps? Is it killing the dating culture or improving it?

Brett Dier: It’s strange… I do find it to be a bit strange. People have more opportunities to meet and they can do anything now because of dating apps. Hey, if it sparks some love, that’s all that matters to me.

HC: What was it like working with Avan Jogia and Camila Mendes?

BD: You know, I met Camila, but I didn’t get to work with her too much. I met her for one day and said “Hi” to her. Avan is so cool to work with. He’s so great and has the coolest style that I wish I could pull off! He actually just dyed his hair pink and he’s the only one who can pull that off.

HC: Blake starts off in the movie as a little naive and inexperienced in life. Do you think this is a journey of a young person finding themselves and just overall experiencing all the unknown that’s out there in life?

BD: Of course. It’s what life’s about—going through stuff and experiencing life makes you stronger in the end. Being a sugar baby, it hurt her [Blake] and messed her up, but you grow when you mess up and you grow some armor, but not in a bad way.

HC: Do you think Blake completely overlooked Jacob all along and didn’t realize that they were a great match?

BD: Yeah! They’re both interested in the same stuff, but there’s a little competition there. I hope they have a successful relationship and that it’s not just a college fling. I hope they remain friends.

HC: What would Jacob’s future career be after college?

BD: I’ve actually never thought about that! I think Jacob’s career would be pretty good. He wouldn’t be a ginormous success, but with what he likes, I can see him writing for a very strange magazine or a weird book.

HC: What were you like at 21, and what is one piece of life advice that you would give to a 21-year-old today?

BD: I’m still the same dude that I was at 21 years old and “know” the same shit. Follow your heart no matter what. It took me a little while. I was still living in Canada and was constantly turned away as a new actor. Always take the time to take chances and take healthy risks. It keeps life alive. Honestly, I love failing.




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HC: Let's talk about Jane the Virgin for a bit, what can you tell us about this upcoming last season? I mean, is Michael really back or are we being toyed with?

BD: This is the last and final season, and I went to the writers’ house and watched the last three episodes. All I can tell you is that this season is really gonna take people for a spin. I’ve completed eight episodes with them this season.

HC: What is it like working with Gina Rodriguez? What has been the most memorable moment of being on set with her?

BD: Gina is incredible. I love working with her. She’s both so supportive and creative. As actors, we both challenged each other and she’s such a great person.