Trust Me, "The Bold Type" Is the Best Show You're Not Already Watching

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Are you looking for a show about empowered women living their lives in New York City? No, I’m not talking about Sex and the City but hear me out. The Bold Type on Freeform has quickly become one of my favorite shows and they’re back for season 3!

While I love pretty much everything about this series, I can’t stress enough about the strong female characters that are beautifully written.



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They are all so complex and flawed that it makes them feel like real people that you can see yourself in. They show these three amazing women pursuing separate careers and working hard to get where they are. One thing I love about it is that they don’t shy away from the hard topics. This show has now dealt with police brutality, racial bias, gun violence, and sexual assault. And it’s only on its third season. I love the way that this show doesn’t show only one side to these issues as well. It presents characters who feel very strongly about one side of the issue while also showing you different perspectives from other characters.

Obviously there’s romance on the show, however, I think it’s dealt with in a very real way. It shows how confusing it can be to date in your 20s in New York City. You never know people’s intentions and it can be a lot harder to put your heart at risk. Through Kat’s character, they even show what it looks like to be confused about your sexuality in your 20’s in the most realistic way. All the relationships on this show feel very grounded in reality and are so compelling to watch.  

If I had to pick what it is that really makes this show my favorite, it would be the way it portrays female friendship between Jane, Sutton and Kat.



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The way they interact with one another feels so true to close friendships I have in my real life. Shows can often portray women competing with one another but these girls all celebrate each other's victories and are there for each other when things are bad. They show women who could not be more different from one another, having this bond that is unbreakable. This show is everything I want from a tv show and more, and I cannot recommend it enough.

If you love Her Campus, I really think you’ll love The Bold Type. In this show, the women work for a magazine called Scarlett and when I watch it, I can’t help but be reminded of Her Campus. Pitch meetings, articles, and social media content is a huge part of their everyday lives. It has a major Devil Wears Prada vibe except these women aren’t assistants. Kat is a social media director, Jane is a journalist and Sutton is trying to make it in the design world. I truly love every character in this show and can’t wait to see what comes next for them. Make sure to check out The Bold Type, Tuesdays at 8/7c on Freeform!