Blake Shelton Knows You Don't Think He's the Sexiest Man Alive, but He's Clapping Back in a Clever Way

I haven't come across many people who think that Blake Shelton becoming PEOPLE's Sexiest Man of the Year was a great decision. It is a random choice at best, but Shelton has chosen to address the criticism in a funny way. The country music star filmed a video of himself reading a few hate tweets aloud, definitely checking off the "humor" box on my list of what makes a man sexy. 

PEOPLE reports that Shelton recorded the video for his Twitter account while backstage at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Including an onscreen hashtag that read "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful," Shelton joked in the clip, "I wanted to look out there on social media and see what's being said out there by my supportive people."

From the idea that PEOPLE's choice has finally united the world in this divisive time to the comparison of Shelton to a dad in those drug commercials, I have to admit that the hate tweets are pretty funny. You also have to give credit to Shelton for playing around with the public's opinion. Although the majority already seems to be ready for next year's Sexiest Man, he still has some true fans out there that are pleased with the news, as well as supporters reminding us that sexiness is not always on the outside.