Blake Lively Got Really Mad When This Reporter Asked About Her Go-To 'Power Outfit'

During the Variety New York Power of Women luncheon on Friday, a reporter asked Blake Lively what her go-to "power outfit" is, and the actress refused to answer the question. Blake was at the luncheon because of the work she's doing with Child Rescue Coalition to combat child pornography, so naturally Blake thought she would be talking about that.

The Huffington Post reports Blake told the reporter, "Come on, you want to talk about an outfit today? Come on, what about building women up? Outfits? Would you ask a man that?…You wouldn't ask a man what a power outfit was. I'm sorry."

Blake's frustration of course made it to Twitter. In this clip, you can see Blake is fed up.

Yes, we all wish we could steal Blake's closet, but who can blame her for wanting to talk about real issues too? Let's remember: She's more than her wardrobe.

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