Bring Your Bridgerton Fantasies to Life With This Black-Owned Luxury Tea Company

Shonda Rhimes, without whom we wouldn't have some of the most cherished movies and series like The Princess Diaries 2, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, is truly the gift that keeps on giving. This past Christmas Day, her romantic period drama series Bridgerton – based on the series written by Julia Quinn – was released on Netflix for all to adore, and it was an instant hit. 

It feels like Bridgerton graced our screens at the perfect time, giving us everything we may not have even known we needed. A little romance, a little excitement, a whole lot of drama... and a whole lot of scandal. Bridgerton delivered all of it. The eight-episode season somehow perfectly embodies the romance and wit of Jane Austen, tastefully mingled with the sauciness and thrill of Gossip Girl, but makes it inclusive and relatable for modern audiences.

But the icing on the sophisticated, exquisitely decorated cake? One word: regencycore. 

Bridgerton’s enthralling storyline isn't the only thing meriting the show’s binge-worthiness; this Regency-era period drama has everyone obsessing over its breathtaking costume and set designs. The show’s interpretation of England’s 19th century Regency era is composed of elegant and stunning embroidered empire-line dresses, beautiful sets, aesthetically pleasing pastels everywhere and just about everything else guaranteed to make you get lost in a reverie of hopeless romance and ethereal fantasies. 

And that charming and luxury-filled aesthetic can be yours to adopt in a way that's both fun and tasty. Regencycore on the whole is on the rise, including including lots of fancy tea and even fancier tea sets. What better way to bring your fantasy to life than by treating yourself to artisanal teas in dedicated china?

In 2020, Stephanie Synclair created LaRue 1680. This Black-owned and female-led tea company is bringing back the importance of self-care and “me time” with luxury loose leaf tea and curated tea accessories and sets

Inspired by her travels through Europe and Asia, Stephanie set the path for LaRue 1680 to become the shopping destination for high-quality and organic tea, with newly crafted blends to support health and wellness as well, whether you're setting – and completing – goals or binge-watching shows like Bridgerton

“Perhaps the best effect of us spending more time at home during the pandemic and watching shows like Bridgerton, is that we have experienced a much-needed reminder that we can be fabulous in our own homes, take care of our appearances, get dolled up and sip tea with our pinky up,” Stephanie says, referring to what she calls the “Bridgerton effect." And there's no reason not to! So catch me enjoying teatime Bridgerton-style, draped in a ball gown (what do you mean it's a bathrobe?) and sipping on my fave tea out of my fave cup.