Blac Chyna Might Take Legal Action Against Rob Kardashian for Those Explicit Social Media Posts

On Wednesday, Rob Kardashian took to Instagram to post explicit photos of Blac Chyna, his ex-fiancée and mother of his daughter, Dream. His overly graphic posts have since been taken down, but the drama has only begun.

After his Instagram account was deleted, Kardashian continued the saga on Twitter, posting a graphic video he claims Chyna sent him of her with another man. He continued to rant about Chyna in a series of tweets.

According to People, on Wednesday, Blac Chyna's attorney said that he is exploring legal options and investigating what kinds of action can be taken against Rob Kardashian for sharing the explicit posts of Chyna.

A legal expert who spoke to People claims that Kardashian could face criminal charges for posting nude pictures of Chyna, one of which showed her genital area. In fact, the graphic social media photos Kardashian shared could fall into a category of illegal posts called "revenge porn." According to The Los Angeles Times, in California, it's illegal to post what is known as "non-consensual pornography," and violators of the revenge porn law face up to six months in jail.

Only time will tell what kind of legal action will be taken, if any—but I hope the situation doesn't spiral out of control any more than it already has.