Beyonce Says "Bow Down," Some Fans Say, "No Way"

We love Beyonce. She's beautiful, fierce, talented and owns it. But when she released her new single "Bow Down/I Been On" on Sunday, some fans were shocked. According to Hollywood Life, one fan expressed righteous indignation and described the song as "offensive" and "disgusting."

And over at the Neon Tommy, USC Annenberg's digital news site, writer Cortney Riles believes that Beyonce is "above that" and thinks that Bey's ego might be getting out of control. The song, which features Bey as a queen who wants everyone to bow down to her, has several "minutes of self-righteous, foul-languaged nonsense," Cortney writes. 

Hollywood Life Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Fuller argues in a YouTube video that Bey's new single could be an anthem against possible bullying she experienced as a child. Chole Melas, HL's senior entertainment reporter, has the opposite opinion. According to Ms. Melas, Bey comes across as haughty and boastful. 

MTV writers have an entirely different take. "Beyonce proves that motherhood hasn't softened her at all and even takes shots at any potential competition," writes Jocelyn Vena. The song shows Beyonce's individuality, spirit and her undeniable right to be at the top. 

Check out the single and let us know what you think. Is Beyonce bragging or just showing her empowerment as a woman at the top of her career?