Beyoncé Proves She's a Great Friend by Lifting Lady Gaga's Spirits During Her Chronic Pain Struggle

Lady Gaga has recently opened up about her struggle with chronic pain and canceled part of her tour to receive treatment for fibromyalgia. We all know how terrible it is to feel really sick and like you're letting people down, so I can only imagine how Lady Gaga is feeling. Luckily, she has an amazing support system to keep her spirits up. And that support system includes Beyoncé.

On Instagram Tuesday, Gaga shared a picture of herself wearing the sweet gift fellow music superstar Queen Bey sent her: a cozy Ivy Park sweatshirt. She wrote, “Not having a good pain day. Thank you honey B for sending me this comfy sweatshirt. Keeps me warm outside in a hammock so I can be w the trees, and the sky, and the sun and take deep breaths. Feel so lucky to have so much love.”

While this may seem like a small gesture (although any gift from Beyoncé would be pretty significant to me!), Gaga’s gratitude goes to show that we never know how big of an impact our actions may have on the lives of those around us.

Let Beyoncé’s act of kindness inspire you to spread kindness and joy to those around you!