Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Dancing at a Kendrick Lamar Concert is Everything You Need to See Today

In case you haven't noticed already, Blue Ivy Carter is basically the coolest 5-year-old on the planet. Case in point? She was spotted with her mom Beyoncé at a Kendrick Lamar concert, where she broke out some of her best dance moves. (And it's pretty much the best thing you'll see all day.)

Entertainment Tonight says that Bey and Blue had a mother-daughter date to Kendrick Lamar's show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday night (because Bey isn't like, a regular mom, she's a cool mom). Blue Ivy danced the whole time and was clearly enjoying herself like the seasoned concertgoer she obviously is, and even the Queen herself joined in.

Thankfully, some blessed Instagram user caught the whole thing on camera and shared it with the Internet, because what else are you supposed to do when you end up at the same concert as Beyoncé?


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Blue Ivy clearly took after her mother when it comes to having some killer dance moves. Naturally, the pair also looked absolutely *flawless*, with Blue Ivy rocking a cute pink jacket along with some very practical earmuffs, while Bey opted for a cool, oversize camoflage jacket.

Mother-daughter duo goals, am I right? (Now seriously, someone tell me how I can score tickets to the same concert as Queen Bey.)