Becky G Got Dragged Off Stage at a Fifth Harmony Concert, & The Secondhand Embarrassment Is Real

When you hear this story, try not to cringe. Becky G was mistakenly identified as a fan and pulled off the stage during a Fifth Harmony concert in Argentina. The group was performing their song "All In My Head (Flex)" when opening act Becky G tried to run on stage and join them. Becky was only trying to help Dinah-Jane Hansen with an outfit mishap, but security must've missed the memo, Entertainment Weekly reports. How awkward. 

In fan videos, you can see Becky running on stage with a flag, only to be yanked off stage quickly. Normani Kordei notices the mistake but continues to dance while looking to the side of the stage where Becky is stuck trying to understand what's happening. Ally Brooke then walks over while she's singing to grab Becky and bring her back to stage and tie a flag around Dinah's ripped outfit. Thank goodness the girls were paying attention or Becky G may have never made it on stage. 

After the incident, Dinah and Becky G tweeted back and forth, making jokes about the situation. "Now you know I'm your number one fan @dinahjane97," Becky tweeted. Dinah replied, "Now I know who would save me xx muchos besos mama." It's good to see Becky isn't horribly embarrassed and can see the hilarity behind it all.

After seeing these tweets, it's safe to say Becky G is a true friend if she's willing to go through all this to help Dinah with a wardrobe malfunction.