'Bachelor in Paradise' Alums Evan Bass & Carly Waddell Got Married After Evan Defended the Show's Producers

Amidst the biggest Bachelor Nation controversy yet, Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 contestants Evan Bass and Carly Waddell were married at a Mexican resort this weekend, PEOPLE reports. Originally scheduled to be filmed as part of the show's fourth season, the couple’s wedding continued as planned, with ABC cameras present and Chris Harrison acting as officiant. Another successful BiP couple, Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, also attended the festivities.

Although Season 4 production has ceased due to alleged sexual misconduct between contestants DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios, Evan and Carly’s wedding still seems like it’ll receive proper Bachelor Nation treatment in the form of a televised ceremony. Given that the Bachelor franchise has brought him a wife (and, dare I say, a free wedding?), Evan also wrote a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter before his big day, asking ABC not to cancel BiP and defending the producers who have been shamed in the show’s ongoing investigation.

“When the news about Paradise production broke the internet, it also broke my heart,” Evan wrote. “While to some it’s a silly TV show, for me, it was an experience that changed my life in unimaginable ways. I am troubled thinking about the allegations happening on my favorite beach, and I’m sad that some couples will not have the opportunity to find love in a powerful and unique way…I will be forever grateful to Paradise for guiding me to an incredible stepmother to my own children.”

Evan admitted that he was “disturbed” about the reputation BiP production was forming and shared his own positive experiences with producers from filming Season 3. “Alcohol is treated with the respect it deserves, and sometimes contestants are asked to stop,” he explained. “I’ve watched staff and producers stop many situations before they became a problem, even at the expense of making ‘great TV.’ Their interventions were not only beneficial, but also truly assisted in my process of finding love.”

Although he clarified that he was glad the current situation is being taken seriously and that stopping production was right to do, the appearance of Evan’s piece right as he got married feels a little too extra. Whether or not his column impacts BiP’s future, it’s clear that Evan’s thrilled to be married. Congrats to him and Carly!