Ariana Grande Shared A Sweet Tribute To Mac Miller & My Heart Hurts

Many have been watching Ariana Grande closely since the death of rapper Mac Miller in September. Ariana’s name was pulled into the media cycle almost immediately because of her ex-girlfriend status, leading many trolls to blame her for Mac Miller’s struggles with addiction—despite the fact that it wasn’t her job to save him.

Even though the frenzy surrounding Mac’s death drove Ariana to disable her Instagram comments (and is also rumored to be responsible for her split with now ex-fiance Pete Davidson), she still has shown support for Mac on social media, and it’s clear that she was heartbroken by his passing. Ariana shared another tribute to Mac on her Instagram story on Monday, and though the video is short, it’s so bittersweet and heart-wrenching to see Mac so full of life.

In the video, which was presumably taken when the two were dating, Ariana is behind the camera filming Mac having a conversation with her grandmother. He turns to look back at her with a smile, and even though Ariana didn’t add a caption and almost no words were said, the few seconds were enough to have fans emotional.


So many were deeply affected by the loss of Mac Miller, and I can’t imagine what Ariana is going through.